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Welcome to Coffee Beans with Ramey Jean!  A project inspired by a shift in my thoughts.  The goods, the ups, the highs and sometimes their opposites.  I want to share with you my journey of self confidence, self reliance and self assurance.  I am about to change my life and want to share my REAL experiences with the world.  Feel free to explore and connect with this site as I hope it will inspire you daily to be the best version of you that you can be! ~rj


There are just no words...

After a loss, even many years after, what do you feel? what do you say? How do you even attempt to put those feelings into words. Happy ("how could I even use this word with what happened") Sad ("yes, I should, and do feel this way because she is gone") Proud ("there was maybe more I could have done, you are not confidently proud Ramey") Lost (yes, some days I still feel lost.) For every word, whether it be positive or negative, I found (and sadly occasionally continue to)


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