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Shaking my damn head.... The other night when I was supposed to be sleeping, I saw a commercial for a work out plan or exercise video of some sort. No joke, I have actually bought this lady's videos before. It was on in the middle of the night, maybe 3 or 4 am while I was eating a peanut butter sandwich. This infomercial came on directly after one of the home improvement shows had ended. I was about to flip to something else until she started to talk. I paused while she adjusted the lighting perfectly on her perfect face...

She started out with all of her perfectness, beautiful blonde straight hair, done up makeup and perfectly sculpted deltoids to hold it all up. Now, it may sound like a bit of jealousy, but it's not. This is the picture I received from what was on the screen. I wasn't being judgy, it was exactly that, beautiful blonde super fit perfectly done woman. Good for her! This is her livelihood, this is how she makes a living. She has worked very hard and I'm sure tirelessly to get there. #getitgirl #weseeyour100

Here's my problem... Her first words were something along these lines... Are you sick of looking in the mirror at someone you don't recognize, maybe you are out of shape and self conscious? Do you wish you felt better about yourself?

Umm WHAT? WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK! I was seeing RED and couldn't believe what I was witnessing! I could have lost my mind!!!

This is how they sell, "you suck and this video will help you to not suck." I have seen these infomercials dozens of times and never really broke apart or actually listened to what they were saying.

"Sure, let me buy your product! Especially after you have me picture myself in all of my ugliness, fatness and grossness.... I definitely need what you're selling!" I mean, I guess it works because her estimated net worth is $10 million (from google). The people that make these programs are salespeople. They make their living off of being fit. Whatever works, and it apparently does because we buy them. #guilty

It is EVERYWHERE... ALL OF THE TIME! Why do we let these things make us feel so down?? We don't even realize it! Then we purchase them (because we all know this time will be different) in hopes it works?

Again, we have to be aware of our thoughts and the drive behind their direction. We need to stop letting people tell us how we feel. When we hear them, we listen to them. "Yeah, I really wish I looked better, feel better, this person is right... if I just get these videos at least its a start."

I know people that have had enormous success with these type of videos and programs. I am not saying they are scams, they have value and are tools. The thing is, you have to be READY for it to work. One of those steps where you have to commit. Commit to yourself that you will utilize this tool in your transformation. Purchasing the program is NOT a "start." You acknowledging that this tool will improve your vision of yourself and get you to the goal you that you see on the screen of your mind, that is your "START," that is your ready.

Seeing yourself maybe a little slimmer in your mind will fuel your desire and set positive energy in motion (E-MOTION) to get you where you want to be. The positive image of you in your mind will drive you through the workouts. These programs are tools. Not miracles. Although "miracles are normal," says Jake Ducey. These programs may be a miracle to you if done with a positive attitude and commitment. I am sure if you take a second and picture yourself completing a workout or stepping on the scale to see it drop, it would flood your emotions with confidence and maybe even a smile. It feels good!!

I am not picking on this one salesperson in particular, because I have seen (and purchased) many of these programs all for the same reason. The fit/buff/beautiful person on the screen is having me picture myself.... as I sit there... having a late night snack... telling me that if I want to feel better, then I should buy what they are selling. Just sales and tools. They know that many people out there want to make a physical change to their bodies. There is a market for it. Not anymore for this girl!

It would be YOU doing the workout, YOU eating right, YOU feeling better, not the workout video, it is a tool. It starts with YOU.

Here's a sure fire way to get these kinds of products to work, because if done right, they will. You have to be ready. You have to be mentally ready to make this change. It doesn't start with someone making you look at yourself as an unfit, ugly human being. It starts with you seeing yourself the way you are or want to be. In your mind picture the perfect you. If it is you down a few pounds, then it will happen. If you smile thinking about yourself a little slimmer, than you will get there. Every change we want to make requires action of course, but you also have to have the right emotions. You can't be down on yourself and think these products will change it all around. It 100% has to do with you being prepared and committed to make the change. It takes work, just as this reprogramming does.

Here is my point!!! In the past 4 or 5 months that I have been dedicated to seeing Ramey for Ramey and acknowledging negative things to redirect my thoughts, I actually noticed it. I know that my mindset is changing because I recognized immediately that what this lady was saying to me (as if she was physically sitting in front of me). "You are not the best you..." I felt like she was directly telling me that she could make me better... How messed up that I noticed myself listening to her words and then like a snap of the fingers I was like "NOOO, you don't tell me who I am or supposed to be!!" It was produced like she was my best friend sitting across the table telling me what I need to do to be better. Grrrrr!

I am so proud of myself not not getting sucked in. I am super proud of myself for recognizing what was actually going on. I am happy that I was able to stop myself from gobbling up all of the things she was saying.


Next time you see one, analyze it a little bit, I bet you would see it a bit different than you used to, but maybe not. I can be a little dramatic, lol!

Wondering what you think!?!?!


Talk soon!



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