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Be your own Fruit!

If we worry about what people think of us, then we adjust ourselves to become more of what we think people will like.

If you "adjust" yourself, then is that truly who you are?

If there is another YOU on this planet, then you can compare yourself to someone else.

If I am an apple, then I am not an orange.

Truth is, there is only one of you. No comparison allowed. It is like comparing apples to oranges.

Why are we showing them someone we are not? You don't think you are here, in all of your perfectness to be the perfect you? Why would I try to be "Grace perfect," when I am Ramey. No one can be "Ramey perfect" because they aren't me.

If we are truly who we are, then how people perceive us is an emotion we give power to only when positive. We give powerful, confident emotions within which is what we deserve. Feeling good is better than worrying. I understand that this is just human nature. It is something we are taught to do. Compare, always be better than someone else, always have more, blah, blah, blah.

Ever hear this one? "People who know you, will know the truth." I went through something kind of despicable in the beginning of this year. I felt I had to defend myself and then I heard this. "Don't worry Ramey, consider the source. People that know you, know the truth without you having to defend yourself. And don't worry about the others, they won't admit it, but they know." Makes sense.

If I am true Ramey and have confidence in my beliefs and morals, then people will truly know me.

The reprogramming of loving ourselves for who we are, puts us at ease.

If we think of ourselves as perfect versions of ourselves, then we are confident.

If I am confident in who I am, then there is no worry.

Faith (12 years old) and her bestie Janie (11 years old) were sitting with me a few weeks ago and we were talking about why people don't think they're good enough sometimes. The girls basically said that God made us perfect, why do we try to change that? Such smart little cookies, I hope they always know how special they are and everyone reading this is!

As I read through this from the beginning, I am pleased that this entire post has to do with being confident in who you are. Not even a mention about physical appearance. It starts on the inside!

More to come! Share with your kids, friends and family!



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