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Confidence or "Convince-idence"

What the heck am I getting at?

Let’s talk true Self Confidence… When you truly feel like you can take on the world. What a good feeling! When you are proud of who you are and what you accomplish. Whether it be a good workout, lesson, speech, project, etc. It is overwhelming in a good way, like “OK world, bring it on, I got this!” Most times this emotion lasts a split second and when you take your sigh of relief that whatever it was is over, the emotion reverts. The goal is to keep it going into your next project, lesson, etc. Science states that our emotions (Energy in motion) are vibrational energy We want to feel this way always. We attract what we focus on. If we can reprogram our thoughts to feel and be truly confident, confidence will continue.

Looking back from childhood through most of my adult life, I “THOUGHT” I was self-confident. Turns out all of these years later, with many ups and downs with my physicality, relationships and careers, I was simply trying to CONVINCE myself that I was self-confident. When truly I would hide physical insecurities and faults deep down and think I could keep them tucked in there so no one would know. I still walked tall and had friends, succeeded in sports and pretty much whatever I decided to put my energy into. I now know that I was extending the length of time over and over again where I would continue to feel unworthy, self-conscious or flat out unwelcome. I wasn’t at all confident, I was playing the part.

This is just the beginning of our/my journey. In a very short time I have noticed an enormous change in how I see myself, I no longer need to convince myself that I am confident, I just simply AM. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few things on the outside that I am not completely confident about, but as my emotions change, my physicality will follow. To be and feel confident we have to truly believe from the depths of our souls that we are good and worthy. This takes practice because we have held onto negative thought patterns of ourselves way longer than a quick change in thinking. We have to reprogram what we think of ourselves, not convince.

Roughly, a couple of months ago, I caught myself feeling like "there is no way this will happen for me" or "no way I deserve this man or this opportunity." I wasn't sad or having a bout of depression, I actually think i was feeling meh, not happy or sad. I was letting negativity and self-doubt continue to hang out in my mind. I wondered how long i felt this way; I came up with FOREVER... I was unknowingly feeding the negative emotions of myself and my lack of capability instead of realizing that I am worthy and I do deserve to live my BEST life.

I want to share this with you as I emotionally, physically and financially evolve. I know this will help many. I share this with my daughter to show her there are many versions of ourselves. The one we show, the one we want to be and the one we tell ourselves we are. Once these align, our lives change.

There is no reason to go another minute feeling like you aren’t worthy of that promotion, that raise, that opportunity. Time is not infinite, we decide every moment how the next one will be. Make it the best moment yet. Be confident from the depths of your soul that you deserve the best next moment. Practice this and feel (e-motion) that you are in that place already. Send that vibration. This is success and this is the first step in living your best life.

Let me know what you think! I am excited to hear!!

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