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Every day is a rough draft

Our minds are trained with getting up, going to work, coming home, going to sleep and doing this on repeat. Sleep seems to be worth money these days, so we don't want to get up, lol We do NOT want to go to work, there are so many other things we'd rather be doing. Coming home can lead to feelings of anxiousness of tasks that seem to never get done (laundry, dishes, etc). Going to sleep isn't a bad thing, but those moments before we drift off can flood us with reminders that we do this again tomorrow...

We forget that getting a tomorrow is a gift. A new page in the book of you. If we want to start a new chapter, we need to close out the old chapter and, title the new one and start composing our day.... change something.

Try this... Get up a different way. Instead of waking up and rolling over to find your phone to scroll through your social media, jump right into the shower. Wake up to music instead of that same beeping sound. Try something a little different :)

Maybe even going to bed a different way. No phone, maybe a little meditation? Read or write a bit or just close your eyes and smile that you made it through, lol. If we want something to change, we need to take a different action to let that change roll out.

Getting up is a gift, whether you feel you slept well or not, you woke up. Think of how many days you have woken up... You woke up, time to make the most of this day. There really is no reason not to, you won't get to do it over. There is only one today, start to reprogram by feeling your value and worth. This will bring even better tomorrows!

If you don't feel you have value, you are mistaken. The people around you feel your value. If they didn't they wouldn't be there. If you don't feel valued in your environment, don't just settle for that and feel like you don't mean anything. Change your situation to where you DO feel valued! Maybe a different circle of friends or a new position at work. Something Different!

Going to work is good because you receive money. You give your time and you receive compensation. Ideally, you'd like a career that doesn't really feel like work (another blog post for the future). I know I have said this before. If you don't like your work situation, change it. You have the confidence to know your worth. Make sure that you feel fulfilled emotionally and financially for your time and ideas.

Every day may feel similar because you drive to the same place or see the same people. Maybe, drive a different way to work, or park in a different lot, or walk through a different hallway to get to your meeting.

Don't be bored with it. Remember that every day is a rough draft. I have about 30 rough draft blog posts, and almost every time I sit to complete one, a few more get added. New thoughts, exciting phrases, continuations of other posts. Just writing in general keep things interesting for me.

In order for us to manifest a different outcome, we have to do something different. Instead of waking up and rolling over to find your phone, roll over to kiss your significant other.... pet your dog for a few minutes... turn on some music to meditate.... run naked to the shower, I don't know lol, just do something different!

Seems silly, but the only thing between you and a change is YOU. What is there is be afraid of? Is the answer to that question really an excuse to not change? Deep down you know that you can handle anything thrown at you because you have already survived everything that has been thrown at you!! If you need support, I will be that for you!

If you don't know me, I was a cheerleader for most of my life. It is maybe the one thing that I have found a way to be a part of almost everything I do. I know I have my underwire posse (cheerleaders) and I am happy to be yours! Some of the most supportive people in my life I rely on, bounce ideas off, share concerns and successes with. I will be that for you!

Make a change tomorrow. No matter what time of the day. Change what you bring to lunch maybe or sit with different people. Just one little change can make adjustments for many in the right direction!

Let me know what you changed and how the rest of your day went!

Talk soon!!



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