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Having Trouble? I am too!

Anyone else having a hard time feeling positive? I was watching the news and it saddened me, I saw a Facebook post and it saddened me, had a thought of Grace and it brought a tear to my eye. The snap back from my thoughts and environment makes it very tricky to stay in the right positive mind.

I have to admit, I am getting better. I can recognize the thought train within a few seconds or minutes and put a halt to it. I have been practicing redirecting my thoughts. The hard part is sometimes I have gone so far from the initial thought that I could have written a full length horror film with things that COULD have happened. When in reality, minutes went by and I haven't physically budged. I have a very active, anxious and empathic brain.

Redirect - I don't always have a negative thought and then try to think of the opposite positive thought. I acknowledge that there is one, but lately I have been redirecting to a completely different task. I am physically moving myself to stop the thought train from derailing into oblivion.

Staying busy - I don't like clutter, it makes me anxious. I am not a knick/knack kind of person and luckily neither is John. I like things tidy and put away, I like prepping meals and chopping veggies. These are the things I find myself doing to keep my mind busy. I am an instant gratification seeker. I have been trying to complete tasks that immediately put me at ease. Whether it be putting some paperwork away, cleaning the house up, organizing the pantry, etc.

Getting it over with - I received a bill in the mail that I needed to call about. It sat there for a few days. I saw it there everyday (haunting me) for almost a week. On Tuesday I saw it still sitting on the counter reminding me of this annoying, boring, possibly painful phone call. I decided to just make the call. It ended up being a billing error on their end. I would have worried about it until I made the call. This eased my anxiety and literally I didn't have to think about it again.

Check, Check - I am trying to complete things as they come up so I don't worry about them. I am doing my best to not let looming possible negative outcomes consume me. I try to keep busy with writing, cleaning, prepping, organizing. All of these things keep me busy and happy. I listen to music and seminars while tasking to keep my mind busy. I am trying to stay away from the news and other things that could send me into a emotional spiral.

Inspiration - I do watch videos on YouTube and mediate in my free time, which helps. I follow a few super cool people and get inspired by their seminars. A lot of them are based on the Law of Attraction and sending positive vibes to get them in return. I also enjoy guided meditations.

Human - I am a work in progress. This is a glimpse into a real person's struggles. Someone that is ready to change and feel better. I fight off thoughts a lot during the day. I have learned to take more deep breaths. I appreciate the fact that you let me be human. I appreciate that you can empathize with me. I am nervous, but honored that you let me be vulnerable. Thank you for inspiring me to keep this going. This is my future and will forever work towards letting people know there is a way. There are road blocks and derailments, but there are also triumphs and successes.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be me.



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