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How do I get where I want to be?

Affirm to yourself! Say it, type it, write it with all of your energy. Scream it as loud as you can!!! I am where I am supposed to be, I am a result of my energy and actions (E-Motions). There are no coincidences, plain and simple. If everything around us is energy and transfers because we tell it what to do, then I am a product of what I do/say/act. I have to tell it what to do through feeling like I have it already. "I have loving relationships, I am a VP at my company, I am wealthy, and am truly happy!! With feeling these words from the depths of my soul, my life will change. Saying them is simply repeating words. It comes down to shifting my thoughts from what I want, to what I am. Simply put... I am proud of myself and exude confidence.

The way to get where I want to be is to feel myself presently there. This is the fastest, most effective way to get where I want to be. Again this is a process, this is a reprogramming of my thoughts. So, plain and simple, how do I get out of a funk? I must feel myself in the moment of how I want to feel. You may say to yourself, "well, I can't, there is resistance from my dominating thoughts...." This is going to be your AH-HA moment. Recognize the reason you are why/where you are vs. where you want to be. The reason is because you are programmed to feel the way you do, as I was. I remember telling myself "I am too fat, I am not deserving of this relationship, family, opportunity. I WAS HERE!!

No lie, within the last 2 weeks I have (successfully) let myself be PROUD of who I am. I am NOT a bad person because I don't have slim body or a plethora of fancy things. These kinds of expectations were not my own. These expectations were a thought I had of what I was supposed to be. I have no idea how these thoughts became my "goals," but what the heck! I constantly thought "well, I don't have this or that, so I am not the person I want to be." I didn't feel myself in the moment I wanted to be in. I would focus on the emotion of NOT being or having what I thought a successful person would be or have.

If you have emotionally been in this place, please let me know. I am on this journey and sure that I am not alone in these feelings. It is nice to know if this is helps someone.

Practice this everyday. Start with simple things and the harder things will become easy. Truly feel that you are GOOD and DESERVING. Inspiration always comes from somewhere and I am grateful this is yours. Katie... you are mine. There is no way without you this would be out there for everyone to see. I am proud and confident in this project because of our conversation less than 4 days ago.

I deserve to be happy, I deserve to help people and I deserve to inspire. ***Once I typed this last statement, I re-read it as I am happy, I am helping and I am inspiring. It is life changing. The more positive we are, the more positive comes back.

Thanks for reading! Please share with anyone that could benefit from these thoughts and feelings! (btw, I do not take credit for this photo, found it on Google)

xoxo ~rj

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