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I am Underwire Girl!

Thinking about my go at this crazy thing I am doing. Writing, blogging, acknowledging, staying positive, feeling positive, meditating, and not giving power to one negative thought. The reason I am having success (maybe not all at once) is due to some absolutely unbelievable souls in my life. From family, friends, kids, books, YouTube channels and me!

I have everything to gain. I am proud of me and that I decided I will live my best by giving myself my best. I have experiences with some not so pleasant things and people. But I am here, I am OK and I promise to myself I am good and worthy and able.

I have the ability to do anything. I have a gazillion things to say about my journey thus far, triumphs and failures. I will continue to learn by acknowledging my own self's thoughts and give power to only those that benefit my goals.

By being the best, most supportive Ramey, I seem to be receiving this back in my environment. I am not sure if it has always been there or I didn't feel worthy enough to acknowledge them. What an amazing, supportive, and honest environment I have. Like a GOOD BRA, haha, the support system to keep me lifted and... is perky the right word? (OMG)

But truly, when you feel good and exude positive thoughts, you will automatically surround yourself with positive and self confident people. In my experience, even if a person isn't what I would consider a good friend or someone I would want in my close circle, I find a positive with them too. "Well, at least they are honest" or "good for them that they are confident enough and true to themselves for saying/doing that." For every negative there is a positive and we can find it in ANY situation.

I am here to be your super hero. I am going to outline over the next few days some steps I have taken into beginning my journey to start to truly love myself. I let me be me and not what society thinks I should be. You need to start off with a support system. Since I have been writing, I have had such great feedback that I am helping. I am here to offer my support and thoughts to get over humps or roadblocks.

I bounce around a bit, but I am going to concentrate on self confidence for a bit because I feel this is where it starts. Being true to yourself and knowing you are good is the building block for a wonderful life. I am going to write it in a way you can share with your children and hopefully share this blog with your friends and family. We could all use a little soul searching and utilize the findings to better ourselves and affirm that we are literally as good as we think we are.

Thank you to my friends and family for being my bra!! Found this pic on Google :)

Talk soon!! xoxo


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