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Insecurities - IN-SECURITY - SACCURITY - Need to go!

Anyone get my "Bon Qui Qui" reference? haha... She is a character created by Anjelah Johnson. Check it out if you need a laugh :) I will include the link at the bottom :)

I am all about breaking up words lately... In-Securities.

It is about time I dive IN and be SECURE with who I am. Lets get real here. Why do I feel like I am not good enough or that I don't look the right way. Who says what I am supposed to be or look like? This is so frustrating as I experience my new self. Since there isn't another me out there, why on EARTH do I let anyone tell me how to feel about myself or how I should look???

It is because I let people's comments tell me and I react emotionally as if they are true. I don't have people walking around telling me I suck all the time, it is actually the opposite. I do however, have deep rooted thoughts associated directly with people I encounter. Maybe how they "goffed" at me or how I heard they said something about me behind my back. I have also been on the receiving end of someone completely 100% made up lies about me to protect their own reputation. Fine, to that I say "sorry you aren't strong enough to own your nonsense."

I am strong enough. With my underwire posse reminding me that reacting to nonsense brings more nonsense... I let it be. I am better for it. You will be too.

Faith said, "we are born perfect, we just live in a judgy society. We are born who we are supposed to be." Janie agrees and added "God made us the way he wanted us to be." I couldn't agree more! Whether you believe in a divine being or not, we are here and were born to be who we are. Lets stop trying to make everyone else happy with a version of our true selves. Lets be happy with who we are and the people that love us for who we are will make up our environment.

Talk soon!



Check out this Bon Qui Qui link! Thank you Google for the photo!

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