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My 100 today is not My 100 from yesterday!

As much as we are creatures of routine and habit, the slightest little wrinkle can throw us way off!

We all have a routine of waking up, getting a cup of coffee, maybe making breakfast for the family, etc. That is pretty much how mine goes, although John and I usually trade off on the breakfast making. I woke up a little sluggish, stayed up a little late to watch the title game :)

Made my cup of coffee and watched the news, nothing totally out of the ordinary. Just didn't feel like doing much...

Knowing the gym was in my plans and usually gets me going, I got Faith to school and hightailed it over there and worked out. And I enjoyed it! So after the workout I felt really good and sat for a minute in the car to catch my breath While sitting there, I opened up and stared at the app that I follow for calories/heart rate, etc... WHELP, I missed my goal of calories burned. UGH! I was annoyed. I knew I worked as hard as I could...

Here is the nonsense... I missed my goal by 4 calories.... not 40 not 100.... 4 calories! My goal is 500 in every class I take, so I burned 496 calories! Why the heck am I concentrating on the 4 measly calories I missed, when I burned 496?!?!?!

I sat back and realized that today was not like others. My 100 isn't like others. I should feel good with the effort today. I burned a ton of calories and if my 100 is 496 today then, 496 is my 100! I am writing today because not everyday will be the same and as long as my effort into feeling good is.

It is a reminder that in the slightest chance we give the negative to creep in, it has an opportunity to take center stage on your day. I am taking my 496 and making the most of my day knowing that tomorrow may be different, I may surpass my goal and my 100 will be 515 calories!

I am using calories as an example because it is what happened with me today. My whole point is today's greatest effort may not be as good as yesterday's or tomorrow's. Each day we decide what wins...

The 496 or the 4.

For me today, a big "Hell Yeah" to the 496!

Love Ya and talk soon!



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