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OMGeezers!! I have so much to say!!

Let me start off with a heartfelt Thank YOU. I am so deeply grateful that you take a minute to see how things are going and appreciating the fact that this is raw Ramey. I type fast, may have typos and sentences that run on, but when its flowing, its flowing. Thank you for letting me be me. If you feel that this can help a loved one, a friend or just think what I'm doing is cool, please like and share this website, comment, blog, Facebook page, anything you can. I believe this is HUGE and can change lives!!

The purpose behind this is to see how powerful my thoughts are. I am what I give power to. I have been studying this for about 2 months and I feel that I am becoming my best Ramey. Emotionally, the more practice I do, the more I am blown away by the thoughts I used to have and how bad I was treating myself.

Let's talk quickly about Mirror, Mirror.. I challenged myself (and guests) the other day to not put myself down when I looked in the mirror all day. Well, what I didn't say was that I was getting my hair highlighted that afternoon and would be forced to stare at myself in weird lighting with foils for hours. I purposely didn't wear make up (I normally only wear a little anyways.) So at first glance... ewww... freckles galore, wrinkles galore, huge eyeballs and a sunburnt peeling nose. First glance lasted probably 3 seconds. I looked away immediately to stop my thoughts. I took a deep breath and asked myself what do I get complimented on. My eyelashes, I was blessed with nice eyelashes :) My next glance I saw my eyelashes. This is no joke, I literally stared at them for a few minutes. I was like, they are nice haha long plentiful eyelashes. While looking at them, I saw my eyeballs. They are large, but I need more eyelashes to surround my big beautiful blue eyes! LOL!! I smiled a lot because I thought how is this possible??? My EMOTIONS were full steam ahead on my features from my eyelashes out. By the end of the day, when I walked by the mirror (for the thousandth time that day,) I smiled. I liked what I saw. I thought "it worked... it really worked!" I was actually smiling back at myself with full on happiness. I am me, I have beautiful lashes and big beautiful eyes, my freckles are cute, I put some lotion on my peely nose (action) and I LOVE my new hair, it just all worked.

Since Thursday, I continue to focus on my lashes FIRST every time I look in the mirror. My success continues. We DO love ourselves, we DO love our features, they are ours, no one else has them. I am unique and in order for me to understand this I must practice. With emotion and affirmation, how I feel about myself will continue to change. We need ACTION to start the process. I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I am Beautiful Ramey! Affirm that you are beautifully you. Believe it with emotion, laugh with it, smile with it, it may seem silly, but emotion is what makes the difference!

My friends, this will change your feelings on your appearance. I know this transformation is about how we feel about ourselves as a whole. I believe working simultaneously on how I treat myself with my thoughts on my physicality has an effect on my soulful thoughts, emotions and actions. I wrote before that I am not defined who I am physically and I still whole-heartedly believe this. I believe also that since we judge and we see ourselves physically BEFORE we think about who we are on the inside, it has impact. What comes from my soul is who I am. In order to feel the best inside and out, I have to KNOW I am good inside and out. This is the practice.

I may backtrack a little through these posts, because I am writing through my journey. I may say something that counters something that I said in the past, but know as my emotions and actions change, so will my experiences.

Let me know what you think and if there is something you want me to focus on! Stopping thoughts in their tracks, breathing, having trouble starting, anything at all. I can help!!

Things I wish I knew sooner! Please share with your kids!! They are hardest on themselves and this could be of enormous impact when they are feeling down!


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