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RJ'S Steps to your 100 - Choose a Direction

Continuation from Prepare and Acknowledge and Understand your Power...

"Just me putting thoughts into existence in my head. How powerful was I? I can feel terrible by thinking terrible things...." This is the LAST time you will see this. The shift begins now.

Through my own research, I came across a list of laws that can't be denied. Two laws just about jumped off the page. One in particular that I want to focus on here and the other comes in shortly. This one universal law literally was like a light switch for me.

I thought to myself, "if I am putting my thoughts into existence, then "I can feel great by thinking great things!!" The exact opposite of what I was doing.

Taking action and a simple Universal Law. A law that can't be denied, it just is. It is The Universal Law of Polarity. There are many definitions of course, but as it pertains to me, in this moment it means... for every 1 that tells you "you can't," there is 1 that tells you "you can." Why not be that 1 for yourself? The harder the NO or BAD you receive, the harder the YES and GOOD you exude. This YES/GOOD pushes you harder into fight or flight and in order to get the self confidence you want, YOU FIGHT for it. It is yours to have. You are a divine being, no one else is a "more awesome" you. You will always be with you and there is no one that knows you better than yourself. This is an amazing leap into self confidence, self love and self reliance.

Think of the picture attached to this post. There is a common point that all arrows move from. We will name this point Thought. From this thought there is emotion. Good goes one way, bad goes the other, and so on. Emotion is (E)-nergy in MOTION. How deeply we feel these emotions decides how powerful the manifestation. Our response (action) to thought determines how we feel. This is why it is important to acknowledge what we focus on and apply our power to change these deep rooted programs.

The law of polarity IMO basically means for every bad, there is a good. For every no, there is a yes. For every negative thought, there is a positive. Everything in existence has an opposite. If you want it, it is up to you to focus (action) on the yes, the positive and the good!

How did I do it? I prepared myself to accept that there is a better way to live. A better way to see myself, the way my husband, friends and family see me. I had to take action and make a commitment to myself that I am good and in control of the power I give my thoughts.

Ponder this for a few minutes. Really sit there and think of a situation and challenge yourself with finding its opposite. Some situations may seem like there isn't one, but the universal law states there is.

Bout to get heavy...

How could there be a positive in the loss of my daughter Grace? Someone that touched so many lives and lived so graciously and bravely with a rare form of cancer from the age of 15 months passing away at just 3 and a half years old? Grace would have celebrated her 14th birthday just two days ago. This New Years Eve will mark 11 years since she has been gone. It is impossible to think that there is good in ANY of this. Well, I have come up with a few. It took a breakthrough from tears, but one is... that I got to be her Mommy for 3 and a half years. I was the lucky soul that this sweet little angel called Mommy. She taught me strength, patience, bravery, advocacy and most of all she gave me her, unconditional Grace. I am sure the treatments and the Doctors involved all have found a way into helping other children and adults into remission.

It took some deep trips into my soul to get even one. After this one, there were many I came across. The fact that she isn't here with me is a huge block, because I am human... I am selfish when it comes to wanting her.

After much (and continued) practice, when I think of her, she isn't sick. She is dancing around my bedroom with costume butterfly wings on with Faith or driving her Escalade with Sharky and Hildi around the yard. It is becoming easier to think of the happy moments. They are becoming my initial thoughts. Yes, the sad moments are there, but I acknowledge the smiles, giggles more than the endless pokes, flushes and medicines.

I thought since this was such a GINORMOUS bad thing that happened, it would be hard to find the good things, but I found them. Sometimes just knowing that she isn't in pain anymore is a relief to me. This is the easiest one for people to say, because it is true. If we prepare to hear the positive from people and acknowledge the good in it, we can use that power to flow good emotions. When someone said "at least Grace isn't in pain anymore", I was upset with these words, it prolonged my sadness. Now, I think "You know, you're right, it still hurts that she is gone, but you are right, she isn't in pain anymore." (Don't forget, this is me 10 years later, trying to find my 100 with me practicing reconditioning my thoughts.)

Bad things happen... everyday. It is up to us to find, focus and act on the good, as impossible as it may seem. This is another step in the process. Knowing that we have the power to change our emotions simply by shifting our subconscious, initial thinking.

Back to self confidence. When someone says "you look nice today," believe them! Say thank you and feel how good that feels. Trap and remember that emotion of hearing those words. That person told you for a reason! It feels so good, that you will tell someone else and they will feel good. You are focused on "looking good emotion (feeling)" and will want others to feel that good too! Today, you may be the person that follows up your thank you with, "oh no I look terrible, or have you seen these roots?" These are the thoughts that occur naturally. These are the deep rooted bully thoughts that I know I had, not the feel good thoughts. These thoughts will shift and noticing when they start to... will blow your mind! It is exciting :)

This is a practice, like anything else. Make the commitment to yourself that you will start here. It will feel funny and uncomfortable, because it is a different emotion. This uncomfortable feeling is your emotions mixing up and getting ready for the new program. If it feels uncomfortable, it is right. You deserve this commitment, you are your own best cheerleader and your own best friend. Treat yourself as you do your best friend, the love and support you show them, you need to share with yourself.

Love yourself, You are AMAZING!

Side-note: I have much to say when it comes to grief and the process of grieving in future posts, but am open to talking about it with anyone at ANY time privately.

Love yas! xoxo


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