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RJ'S Steps to your 100 - Prepare and Acknowledge

My 100 is going to be defined as me being my best self at any particular moment. Moments change, thoughts change, things happen and this is the start of conditioning into control and composure and trust in your thoughts and your reactions. Reprogramming into knowing I am good and worthy of a meaningful/fulfilling relationship with myself.

Let's go, not necessarily naming this step 1, but this is a good place to start. xoxo

Prepare and Acknowledge.

Prepare yourself to know that you can. Prepare yourself for others to tell you you can. Accept this, because you can. It's bad enough we have a world that has programmed us into thinking we can't or that we aren't good enough or we don't meet certain standards. Whether it be physical, financial, academic or some silly thing a family member or friend thinks/said. This is where we take ACTION. These are building blocks for your turning point. This is a practice for you to remove these "programmed" thoughts and feelings you have about yourself or your place in this world.

Take action and acknowledge what you are thinking at any given moment. Acknowledge the positive thoughts. Prepare yourself to accept them as truth. We need to allow these thoughts to "drive the train." Preparing yourself to accept the positive thoughts isn't easy. We have always been told we are snobby or stuck up if we acted on these thoughts.

We tell ourselves that we are good more than we know. It is important to acknowledge when we think positively about ourselves, smile, appreciate that part of your thinking and remember how that feels. The more we feel the flow and accept the good thoughts, the more they come and the less we acknowledge the negative.

I'll explain what I was doing to myself. I told myself "I can't" hundreds of times for many years. I was my own worst critic and bully. I became comfortable here. I was happy and loved time with my family and friends, but wasn't living my 100. Mostly because I never thought of myself as 100. Friends and family may not even have known how I was feeling. I wasn't depressed, just anxious and hyper aware of what I thought people were thinking/saying about my presence. The negative thoughts that I was acknowledging weren't even mine and I was assuming others were.

I was basically playing out movies of events that didn't even happen on the screen of my mind. I had been treated for anxiety as long as I can remember and saw (with the help of professionals) that I was causing my own anxiety. Remember, I am not a doctor and definitely understand this disorder ONLY as it pertains to me and my life. This is just how I now see what I was doing to myself. I encourage medical help and a solid support system for anyone feeling anxious or depressed!!

The last time I spoke to a professional regarding my anxiety has to be going on 9 (ish) years. I just dealt with it since then. I would attach an anxiety attack to a memory or something crazy that happened that day, get through it and move on to the next one. Now that I have been studying this re-conditioning/re-programming, I understand just how powerful my thoughts are, especially when I add energy to them. It has been almost 12 months since I needed to take a prescribed medication to treat a panic attack.

This baffles me... Just me giving power to thoughts into physical existence. How powerful was I? I can feel terrible by thinking terrible things.... Well, then why can't I .....? (to be cont'd)

Well, this little thought will send us onto the next step and how the heck acknowledging what I was doing was my first big break into the journey of living my 100.

Please let me know what you're thoughts are on this. Hopefully you are as excited as I am to blow this thing up!!



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