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RJ'S Steps to your 100 - This is the Greatest.... News!!!

Now that you have committed to your direction, you get to finalize your commitment to yourself. Remember, this is something you deserve, something that is yours to have. It is time to recondition all of the things we have told ourselves about our appearance, undo all of the limitations we put on ourselves regarding finances, career, learning, building your empire, etc. You have the power to do any and all of these things WHEN you understand the reasons why you can. If you think you can, then you can. It is as simple as that.

It's kind of like the old saying (definition) of insanity... doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Not saying we are all insane (lol), but we can certainly drive ourselves insane with incessant thinking. Acknowledging that just a small shift can send waves of change and opportunity into our lives is what we have no choice but to recognize.

You are ready, and so am I. I am sure at this point I can answer a lot of questions or offer my support and advice on road blocks you may come across. Our thoughts are stubborn, because over time, we have habitually attached certain feeling towards them. The good news is that your COMMITMENT will hinder these stubborn thoughts and attach new reconditioned emotions.

The Greatest News, EVER???? It takes so little time to reprogram this. Think of how many years you have thought a certain way about yourself. It takes a substantially shorter time to feel better with some acknowledgement and reconditioning. It feels amazing, the more amazing you feel, the quicker it changes!

We are smart, we are creative, we are influential, athletic, artistic, etc. The pictures of ourselves that we have on our minds should be of these empowering words. We are so much more than the way we look. Our looks offer NO emotions to us. It is the thought of our looks that does. Shift your vision of yourself from your looks to maybe you holding a camera (if you like photography) or holding a stethoscope (if you are a nurse or caregiver) You are good at these things and you have wonderful emotions surrounding these things. When you close your eyes, don't allow it to be a picture of you standing there in a bikini. Unless your emotions are good from that, maybe losing some weight, or winning a fitness competition, etc. The practice is to close your eyes and see yourself smiling, doing something you love, playing with your kids, getting the job you want, buying your dream house or car. It is important to see us happy in our minds because that is where we keep those deep rooted emotional thoughts. We get to "run 'em over and leave 'em behind" them with our new reconditioned thoughts.

We have to offer cherishing thoughts on who we are and appreciate who we are in order for us to be confident in who we are.

It is so exciting to start recognizing things coming together. I have found myself hyper-aware of my thoughts, emotions and feelings. As a work in progress, I have noticed friends' and family's lives changing as well. Things aligning with conversations, photos that just pop up when we were just thinking about them, emails or texts that I was talking about literally minutes before. With the research I have done it is easy to see that there are no coincidences and miracles are not rare.

Everyone has work to do, it is a continual process. Different circumstances cross our paths every single day, enacting a different set of emotional thoughts paths that we have to deal with. Reacting emotionally to either successes or challenges sets the tone for the next few moments. This commitment will direct your initial thought to make every moment a good one. I know this is working for me, because I see a difference in myself almost daily. This will continue to change your life, your emotions and what you offer to others.

So far so good? Let me know!!


thanks #rollingstones for the pic


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