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RJ'S Steps to your 100 - Understand YOUR Power

Continuation from Prepare and Acknowledge...

"Just me putting thoughts into existence in my head. How powerful was I? I can feel terrible by thinking terrible things...."

Actually, yes. Sadly, we do this without thinking about it. Our deeper subconscious thinking is dominant. It is dominant because it is where our programmed thinking is. It is our automatic, first thought. They are thoughts/processes that tell us how to walk/talk, etc. It also tells us what we are 'supposed' to look or act like and how we feel about our reflection in the mirror or the kind of person we are. I use this example from a video I watched... have you ever driven your car to the store or work and when you get there you don't remember the drive, making the turns or stops. Is is subconscious thinking that got you there. It is a deep ingrained thought process, a practiced habit.

The last time I looked this up it was said that we have an average of 65k (ish) thoughts a day. Of these 65k thoughts, 70-80% of them are negative and 95% of the 65k thoughts are a repeat of the same thought from the day before. I forget where I saw this, so I am unsure who to give credit to, but I'm sure google will help...

Could you just imagine the shift in your confidence if one day you decide to take action and adjust your deep thinking? The percentage of thoughts that carry over day to day are mostly negative. If we changed just how we see ourselves differently, think about what an impact you could have on your "day to day" 100! If we dropped that negative thought percentage to 25-30% (or less), that would mean 95% of our thoughts today would be more positive tomorrow and the next day and so on. With this shift and without effort, we would be happier with ourselves. What a feat!!!

Easier said than done Ramey... Like anything, it takes practice. Look in the mirror and don't focus your thoughts on a wrinkle or a freckle or a pimple. Focus on your smile, your beautiful eyes, your pearly whites or in my case, my eyelashes :) Practice every time you look at yourself, but remember self confidence is NOT about what you look like. It is what you think of yourself as a whole. We seem to be programmed to think we are what we look like. IMO some of the most positive, influential, tall walking people don't look like the models and TV personalities that we are programmed to "should" look like.

I'll admit it (partially), a lot of self confidence comes from our appearance. This is one of those deep rooted subconscious thoughts. We were taught to look at ourselves and others and make judgements or assumptions. Not intentionally by our parents or upbringing, but society as a whole. It makes sense, it is what people see. We see first, and automatically our subconscious thoughts start to decide what is right and what is wrong with what we see. This is a change to be made not by only looking at ourselves in a mirror, but also the picture of us in our minds.

Do this real quick. Close your eyes. Think of yourself. I can bet when you think of yourself, a nice compliment isn't the first thing to cross your mind... If I pictured myself right now, I have a smile and full belly, not messy hair and a cold cup of coffee. The latter part did cross my mind, however it was after the first thought. I only acknowledged it to show you it is still a thought, but the thought I gave power to was the first. If you want to feel better about yourself, we have to be nicer to ourselves. Know that you are a good person and you deserve to feel good. You CAN do this! You DESERVE this. You are a UNIQUE divine being and there is no comparison.

Is it fair to be judged on a wrinkle or a pimple? NO, we are automatically old or dirty. So why would we do that to someone else... crazy!! The more negative "mumbo jumbo" we allow to cross our minds, the more we will attach it to people/things. It is better to just get rid of it, get it out of our thought vocabulary! It is up to us to look at a stranger and see their smile, their hairstyle or even better...their actual PRESENCE!!

I have given out so many genuine compliments to complete strangers because I see passed their appearance. Don't get me wrong, I can be a little judgy, but I too am a work in progress and it is more of a safety situation. My point is, everyone has something they aren't 100 about when it comes to their appearance. Compliments are nice to hear, if they are genuine. My favorite one lately is "it was very nice to talk to you." It is nice to talk to people because that is WHO THEY ARE. When we talk about seeing the good in people;" we should emphasize IN. We need to shift to "see the good IN people," not their appearance.

We know that we are more than what we see. We are souls with feelings, experiences, stories and intelligence. Our appearance is just what people see. We can't change their minds with just looking at us. No doubt, people can be judgy, it is up to them to make up their own minds. But when we look in the mirror, it is up to us to see beyond the shell. Know that you are a divine being.

The power to shift our deepest thoughts is a process. It takes affirmation to reprogram what we have been told/taught to believe our whole lives. I affirm that I have the power to shift my thoughts to see the good in people and myself. I have the ability to exude confidence and see the good in myself. I am divine. IT'S GO TIME!

The next part is my FAVORITE part! Stay tuned! xoxo


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