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RJ'S Steps to YOUR 100 - Utilization

Time to utilize what this world has to offer... Funny how some try to deny or debunk or argue everything these days. It seems like our instinctual habit is to react defensively or challenge a comment/statement. I notice this personally through encounters with my 12 year old (insert eyeroll). I say it is sunny, she notices a cloud in the sky. Not quite sure how this happens naturally, but I certainly didn't raise her to argue with me. Who knows... But there are certain things that can't be denied and can work in our favor that is at our disposal at any given moment.

Throughout my journey, learning and understanding universal laws has kind of blown my mind. They continue to play a pretty consistent role. The universal law of polarity says that for every force, there is an equal opposite force. The universal law of attraction (vibration) says that when I think positively, positive things will happen, etc. Actually using these laws to my benefit is a huge step in the right direction! I know this may sound kind of nuts, but these laws simply can't be denied... think of the law of gravity. It is a law and it can't be argued, it just simply is.

Here is an example, kind of sad, but it will get my point across. A baby obviously hasn't been taught to understand (or believe in) the law of gravity. Baby has no idea that if he crawls to the end of the couch and continues to crawl, he will hit the ground. Just because baby doesn't know about (or believe in) the law of gravity, doesn't mean he won't fall. It exists no matter what. He will fall, because it just is. That is what universal laws are, they exist and can't be denied.

I understand that in order for me to receive, I have to give. I want to receive that this is helping someone, so to that, I offer to you my talent of service, guidance and love. Nothing is this world is free, there is always an exchange. If you want to feel better about yourself, you have to acknowledge your strengths. If you want a particular career, you have to see what opportunities are available and give what they are looking for to be considered. If you want to win the lottery, then you have to play. My examples may seem silly, but I just want to show that we do have to offer something to get something.

I am sure you have heard of The Universal Law of Attraction. It is the law that basically states that is we think positively, then positive things will happen. Just because you may not believe in it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Why not take advantage of it! Luckily there is copious amounts of research, videos, books, channels, etc on how this works and how to use it.

To make it simple we manifest what we think. If we see ourselves for the good we bring in the world, then our interactions in this world will be good. If we are continuously down on ourselves about our body image, finances, environment, circle of friends, then it will continue to be. It continues because we repeat the same 95(ish) % everyday. It continues day in and day out, until there is action.

The positive shift in your deep rooted thoughts will bring on good feelings and better opportunities. If you aren't happy in your financial situation, you have to see and feel yourself as an asset. An asset to an opportunity to have money flow to you. You have to see yourself in the position you want and not think about the possibility of not getting it.

Remember before about CONVINCING ourselves that we are good/worthy isn't enough? Convincing is just our conscious mind trying to tell us we are. We have to feel it, know it and really feel the emotions that surround what we desire to change. We have to break up those cemented subconsious thoughts to make room for these CONFIDENT, POWERFULLY POSITIVE thoughts.

The practice is really recognizing the good things about ourselves and embracing that emotion as a reconditioned thought. Like re-wiring our mother board. There is such an abundance of good things about ourselves, it is just not always the first thing we think of.

It feels amazing to feel amazing! Our challenge is giving power to the right thoughts.

Practice this for a few days. Think of something you like, maybe a song, something tangible or a phone call you'd like to receive. When you see yourself on the screen of your mind, see and FEEL yourself receiving/hearing it. That is how the law of attraction works in your favor. When we feel good, we send out a certain vibration, kind of like a radio frequency, when we are at the same frequency of that wonderful thing we want, we are open to receive it.

I call this ALIGNMENT. Give it a whirl, when you see the same numbers on a clock, or see something you were thinking of, hear a song that just crossed your mind..... or in my case the WHITE PORSCHE CAYENNE that I keep seeing around town. HAHA, when you think of something and you see or hear it in the physical plane, enjoy your power to do this! You did it. There are NO coincidences.

Thank you again for taking the time to read these posts, I am sincerely grateful and feel so validated that it is helping.

Talk soon! xoxo

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