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This is 40!!!

Been a while! Had to live life for a bit and go through the motions of an unexpected loss, holidays without some loved ones dear to my heart and enjoy some family and friends time!

I am happy to be back and of course when you take a step back, there is such excitement about the return!

So, It's my birthday.... the big 4-0... Having a great day! And oh what a weekend with some of my favorite people. A few of my dear friends and even my daughter asked me about Coffee Beans... Are you blogging, doing it anymore, etc. Made me think about how long its been. I think about it all the time and even #thoughtnuggetThursday crosses my mind...

Well, YES!!!!! I am back and ready to get back to work on myself and enjoy the person that my friends and family see me as! I appreciate the reminder that writing is such a healing process. The words flow, sometimes accompanied by flowing tears (which is the reason I had to take a break.) All worth it!

Following the loss of one of my favorite people in October, I had to give my 100 to my family and make sure they were/are okay with this new reality. We take it day by day.

I have been writing a bit on the side, but I am looking forward to blogging again!

Thank you for sticking with me, Talk soon!!



**Tks google for the pic ;)

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