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Time for a change!!

Are you used to or accustomed to something that doesn’t bring you joy; whether it be financial, education, personal relationships, etc.? Are you “going through the motions?” Funny to put it that way, but it is that simple.

My thoughts and feelings on a situation mixed with the emotion I feel about them, determines how things progress or stay the same or get worse. If I do nothing, nothing will change. If I get anxious or have negative emotions, this is what I get in return. When I give grateful and good feelings to a situation, it comes back, and quickly.

It takes as much energy to give negative thoughts as it does positive, why not choose the latter. I can only control how I choose to emotionally handle a situation. If I exude positivity and happiness, then I will attract positive and happy people in my environment. Do I walk around shooting rainbows... no. I DO, however walk around with a grateful heart and my positivity is abundant and this is what I experience in return.

Bad things happen, little bumps in the road. This is life and I choose how I react to it. I have already said that there is always a good and a bad. I learn everyday to find the good. It is easier and easier to not be anxious about something that happened. I can recognize myself change and it surprises me. I think to myself, “wow, I can’t believe I am not still worrying about that” or I can’t believe I didn’t let that bother me.” It is that powerful. My paradigm is shifting and I want you to know it is continuing to.

A simple change in my thoughts are changing my life. It seems like a process and you may not know where to start. I started with myself. Something simple. I stopped looking in the mirror and seeing an older version of myself. I don’t really look in the mirror anymore and analyze what I see. I simply make sure I look presentable because the real me is the person you talk to, text, email and read. My physicality doesn’t define me s a person... this weird societal thought process says it does. This is why I saw myself the way I did. This is what I was doing to myself. I was judging myself based on what I thought I should be. We all have good feeling within ourselves, but sometimes shut them down. It is difficult to say why, but we do.

It is time to change and let you be the person you are. I am whole heartedly feeling 100% better about who I am. I am excited, I feel fulfilled and I am helping.

Let me know how you are feeling!!

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