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"TUBIE" or NOT to be

I feel by offering a simple but powerful shift in thinking, this may help change what you believe about yourself and your past and future. As your E-Motions start to shift to the positive, you will feel it important to affirm. There is a difference between affirming and repeating. Much like confidence and convincing, to affirm is done with emotion. To affirm, we say/type/write our words and feel the words as they come out. When we do this without emotion, we are simply repeating and attempting to convince.

I have been practicing this with all of my thoughts. I only give energy to the good thoughts. Yes, bad things happen, but I do not give them energy. Once something happens, it is in the past. We decide to give memories life. We give them our time and energy. They will remain our focus until we decide to take ACTION. If we feed negative thoughts by thinking and overthinking, it will continue. It IS just is the way it is.

Practice this, it will become easier the more you do it. The smaller amount of energy you feed something that upset you, the less it will bother you. This is quite remarkable if you think about it. What we emotionally put into the universe, we will get in return. For everything bad thing that happens, there is an opposite. We will quickly begin to see the positive first and focus solely on that.

Don’t get me wrong, bad things happen. We have a loss of a loved one, or we lose a job, etc. Science states the there is a positive. We just have to find it. I lost a child to a rare form of cancer when she was 3. How on Earth is there a positive in that? I have many answers to that question. Instead of focusing on her passing, I practice focusing

on what she gives me every day. She continues to give me strength, love, wisdom, advocacy, patience and most of all that I am the lucky soul she called Mom. Does it mean I don’t get sad? Absolutely I do, I give energy to the memories that make me smile. I know the sad ones are there and I will never forget them, but the smiles, hugs and kisses outweigh the tubes, machines, medicines and tears. This has taken me over 10 years to get a hold of and I wish I had it sooner to help friends through the losses in their lives. I am sharing now for you.

Please let me know if this helps as we venture on into fully trusting ourselves and shaping the rest of our lives in the best life. This is kind of a scatterbrained post, but this is me writing raw and real. Comment below when you practice, I am excited to hear your experience!

btw, i do not have the rights to this photo nor am I taking credit for it, I found it on google. :)

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