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Well, Hey there!

Talked to a friend today, a dear friend that I consider a soul sister. She inspired me to post a video so you could put a face to the words. I have no idea what I am doing, but I gave it a whirl.

The reason I haven't or probably didn't cross my mind was my own insecurities. I don't have many photos of myself, if I do they probably have a filter haha.

Well this is me raw, sitting at my table, alone talking to a screen. Feels kinda weird, but it felt good to do it. I did it and it is done.

I woke up and challenged myself with doing something that I didn't do yesterday. Whelp, I certainly didn't post a video, so took that as the answer!

Hopefully I will get a few more going and give expression into my writing. I get excited when I write and have a thought that goes "BOOM." It may be interesting to see that as a reader.

Anyways, I hope you like it and as always appreciate feedback and messages! Pretty sure likes and subscriptions to YouTube work the same way. If you don't want to miss one, please hit the bell notification!

Here is the link!



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