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  • Ramey Jean

Who would you be?

First... With this question in mind, prepare to see yourself differently. Acknowledge the thought process here, I am making you think. When you see it, feel the power and excitement of the vision of you. Make sure you're ready. Read this paragraph again if you need to before proceeding.

Who would you be if you didn't have that negative thought? For a second.... think of who you would be if you didn't have that thought about your body, your career or your future?

If it so powerful that you say to yourself, I would wear that bikini, I would be happy, I would feel fulfilled or I would be excited... Then you are on the right track. Replace the word "WOULD" with the world "AM." I AM in the bikini, I AM happy, I AM fulfilled, I AM excited. Acknowledge this image of yourself. Feel how good that feels to be this person. Your emotions shifted and I know you felt it. You smiled, took a deep breath, visualized yourself in a different manner. I know you did. EEK! Do this again. I am excited for you! I have been trying to figure out a way to make you feel this.

The image you just had of yourself is the image that your brain acknowledged. See yourself this way when you close your eyes. This is true you!

Close your eyes and see yourself accepting that position, receiving that phone call you've been waiting for, you buttoning that top button on those jeans. Your sense of relief and accomplishment feels good. This good feeling sends out the most powerful vibrations that they come back to you to allow this to continue!

This is the time to embrace these thoughts because this IS who you are. These things are in your reality, you just have to allow them to replace the old deep rooted ego.

Those negative thoughts are NOT who you are they are nasty little triggers that send us into whirlwinds of anxiousness, worry, doubt and miserableness (is that even a word) you know what I mean. We have all been there, and it is no fun.

They say misery loves company and I believe it is true. We attract what we feel. When we are down, we look for things that make us down. It's sad. but true.

If you could just close your eyes multiple times a day and have this new picture of yourself on the canvas of your "mind screen, " then think of how many times you could feel good! Even for just a second at a time, this feeling is worth it.

I wouldn't say this is a step, more of an activity. The next step to YOUR 100 is hand in hand with this practice.

Please do this, do this ten times today, please let me know what happens... Do you feel better, even for a second? Did you have the best day ever? Did you get those pants buttoned???

These visions and images will align with your physical life, I promise.

Talk soon!!



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